Amaica-Pro, the industry’s fastest brix meter, is now available in a version with an additional weight scale!

It displays sugar content (brix) and weight at the same time.
It can measure about 700 pieces per hour.
Measurement is completed in less than one second. 


ModelAmaica-Pro+ (ST77B)
Measurement method (brix)Near infrared spectral analysis method (Interactance method)
0 to 25 Brix Display to one decimal place
Measurement method (weight)Load cell, self-compensating method 0 to 1000g (in 1g increments)
Applicable fruitsJapanese pears, peaches, mangoes, apples, tomatoes, persimmons, strawberries, grapes, citrus fruits (unshu mandarins, dekopon), etc.
Display itembrix, weight (g)
Measurement time and processing capacity1 second
700 pieces/hour
Brix rank4 ranks: can be set as desired
Weight rank6 ranks (4L, 3L, 2L, L, M, S), can be set as desired
Communication portUSB 2.0 for calibration curve creation and updating
Environment condition for useTemperature 5 to 30°C, relative humidity 25 to 80%, no condensation
BatteryAC100V , 120W, 50/60Hz
ExteriorSteel, baked paint
Size/WeightWidth: 30cm, Height: 16cm, Depth: 26cm, Weight: 7.5kg

Package contents

Main unit (ST77B) 1 
Battery cable 1 
Instruction manual
1 year warranty registration card


Please follow the instructions below to use the sugar content meter properly.

Do not give any external shocks to the instrument as it is a precision optical instrument.
Do not give any external shocks to the instrument, as this may cause the optical axis to shift, resulting in measurement errors.
A halogen lamp is housed in the rear of the unit.
Avoid direct contact with the lamp as it is hot.
To maintain the measurement accuracy, it is recommended to perform a periodic inspection once a year.
The lamp for the light source is a genuine Astem product.
The use of lamps from other manufacturers may cause problems.