Main products



Medical devices

toccare (KN-15)
Measures Regional Saturation of Oxygen (rSO2) and Total Hemoglobin Index

Tissue Oximeter with three sensor probes

Brain activity monitors


Hb134 (2 measurement modes)

Measurement items: Regional Saturation of Oxygen (rSO2), Oxygenated Hemoglobin, Deoxygenated Hemoglobin, Total Hemoglobin

Other devices


Oximeter for muscle


NYC pitch event in the ERA program (Mar 11-15,2019)

Dr.Ohira, our member, participated in ERA special program  for 1 week, and did his pitch at NYC pitch event. At NYC pitch event, many angels were in the audience, which ended successfully. Thank you for all the organizers.

The result of KVeCS Pitch Contest Grand Finale

At KVeCS pitch contest grande finale hosted by ATR on December 20,2018, we were selected as one of winners and grabbed a chance to participate an ERA (Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator ) special program and to promote ASTEM NIRS to investors at ERA at March 2019 in New York!

The paper by Prof. Takagi at Doshisha Univ. was awarded at ISOTT 2018.

he was received award 4 consecutive years at International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue(ISCOTT).Takagi S、 Kime R、 Midorikawa T、 Niwayama M、 Sakamoto S、 Katsumura T. “Differences in muscle O2 dynamics during treadmill exercise between aerobic capacity-matched overweight and normal-weight adults.”Professor Takagi was also awarded from Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine. Both papers

Brain NIRS was awared at KVeCS pitch Contest on November 27.

We were awarded at KVeCS pitch contest held at Nobember 27,2018. The presentation by Dr.Hideo Ohira is about the ASTEM Brain checker and ASTEM-IP for targeting the future IoT and SOC.