TOE-20 Pre-released!

We pre-released our new product “TOE-20” on the 27th April, 2021. 

TOE-20 non-invasively measures the saturation of oxygen in “tissue” meaning that it measures all blood including the microcirculation and both arterial and venous (pulse oximeter measures the saturation of oxygen only in pulsatile arteries!).

TOE-20 is simple and ultra easy to use! The measured data will be sent to the display tablet via Bluetooth (no annoying battery cables!).

TOE-20 display application neatly shows the measurement status of each channel with figures and trend graph in one screen. This feature is perfect for situations that need the constant monitoring of saturation of oxygen in multiple measurement sites.

TOE-20 is preferably utilized for research in vascular surgery field. AsTOE-20 enables the real-time monitoring of perfusion status, it may make Endovascular Treatment (EVT) more efficient by evaluating the treatment on the spot.

TOE-20 is handled as a medical device in Japan. It can be used only for research purposes in abroad at this moment. If you are interested in purchasing, having partnership or making OEM of TOE-20, feel free to contact us!