Tissue Oximeter TOE-20


Pre-released: April 27th, 2021


By simply attaching the sensor probe to the measurement area, tissue oxygen saturation (rSO2) can be easily measured.

By connecting the main unit to a display terminal via Bluetooth, data can be easily displayed on the display terminal in real time.

Up to three sensor probes can be connected at the same time, enabling easy measurement at multiple locations.


Device configurationMain unit: TOE-20
Sensor probe: TOE-20P
Display device: MD101 (Onyx) EN60601-1 Compatible product)
Display application: TOE-20
Measurement itemRegional Saturation of Oxygen: rSO2
Total Hemoglobin Index: T-HbI
Oxy-Hemoglobin Index: Oxy-HbI
Deoxy-Hemoglobin Index: Deoxy-HbI
Measurement rangerSO2: 0~99 (%)
T-HbI: 0~0.99
Oxy-HbI: 0~0.99
Deoxy-HbI: 0~0.99
Sampling rate0.5 sec (fixed)
Battery durationMain unit: 10 hours
Display device: 10 hours
Light sourceLED (770nm, 830nm) Nominal values
Light output1 mW or less
Measurement methodSRS-NIRS
BatteryMain unit: 2 AA batteries
Display device: DC15V
Wireless connectionBluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth communication distanceWithin 5 m
Sensor probeMeasurement depth: approx. 5 mm
Cable length: 40 cm
It is a patient-coupled and interconnect cable.
Brand nameTOE-20
Medical device certification number303ADBZX00017000 (BSi) 
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Japanese Medical Device
Nomenclature (JMDN)
Functional oximeter