Incorrect Collating Inspection Sensor Management System (L7 Server)


  • Incorrect Collating Inspection Sensor Management System is to monitor the status of multiple random-printing sensors in a bookbinding production line.
  • The system records and stores the number of inspections, the number of NGs, and the NG images of each sensor on a single PC, and the management system can be built simply by adding a LAN card (model LC77-LAN) to our Random Book Sensor (model LC77-R7) and connecting it to a PC with a LAN cable.
  • The program is free of charge. Please download the program from this site.


Operating EnvironmentWin-7 Win-8.1 Win10
Cache memory4 GB or more
HDD capacity1 TB or more
Number of connecting sensors1 to 24 frames 
If you need more than this, please add a computer.
Recording contentsRegistration image, NG image, work description, etc.
OtherWork setting registration screen, monitor screen, various individual and batch settings
Work history, work details, copying of work records to other media, etc.
Search function for NG images, saving of specific frames, etc. can be performed as desired.

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Currently supported only in Japanese.