• Enhanced production management functions through high-speed LAN connection (LAN card is optional)
  • Large LCD screen (5.7 inches) with color guidance display
  • The operability is the same as the conventional model.
  • Inspection image filing system program for PC is distributed free of charge.
    (However, it comes with an anti-copy protection key.)


  • Easy start-up operation
  • The master image is saved even when the power is turned off.
  • Rotation (skew) 0 to 15°, scale ±1.1 times, front/back/left/right 10 mm
  • The multi-screen display shows the inspection status at a glance.
  • The NG screen is displayed in a separate frame, and the history can be saved up to 50 screens.
  • Inspection data and NG images can be transferred to a PC (LAN).

Installation examples


Determination methodLimited image correlation method (FPGA) + software matching process
SensorNTSC monochrome CCD camera 370,000 pixels
Sensor typeShutter
Sensor visionDepends on the lens (30 x 30 mm with standard lens)
SkewSet in the range of 0 to 15 degrees
Misalignment toleranceUp/down, left/right, and search range settings in three levels
Scale tolerance±1.1 times
Stain detectionFour levels of settings from dirt OFF to severe level
Determination level70 - 100 %
Inspection speed1Inspection process within 0.2 seconds max, 0.15 seconds max in high-speed mode
Lighting methodWhite LED indirect lighting, strobe lighting
OutputDry contact for both discharge signal and alarm signal
LAN connectionOutputs inspection data and NG image data via LAN
Monitor5.7" TFT LCD monitor
BatteryAC85 to 225V 30W or less
SizeW:220mm×H:120×D:180mm Weight 2.5Kg
Camera sizeW:29mm x H:29mm x 29mm (excluding lens)
ColorSemi-gloss baking finish 7.5Y 7/1
Display contentsSettings = Status display, match rate, number of stops, search frame, skew
search frame, skew, dirt judgment size, auxiliary registration frame, shutter position change (TPO~99)
Inspection contents = Multi-screen display of registered image, NG image and current image
NG number of times/inspection number of times NG images are recorded for up to 50 surfaces, and can be recalled and checked during inspection.
InstallationSaddle-stitch collating machine = 1 day
Wireless collating machine = 1 day or more